Baby Diandre, gone but not forgotten (Miscarriage)








Diandre 7mm,

a heart beat;

a flash in my life,

7 weeks, then red waters causing misery and strife.


The scan caused anxiety,

and feelings of hope,

but as the nurse avoided eye contact

her eyes full of doubt.


I read her concern,

the confusion was clear,

as she announced no heart beat, no foetal sac,

then came the tears.


Diandre I will miss you,

my body is numb,

feelings of nausea, sore breasts, tiredness all gone!


The 9th March was your ‘earth-day’,

my precious Diandre,

in my heart you will stay!


Gone too soon,

but never forgotten!


Love your mum!

My precious Diandre! (Deceased 27-07-2010)


Written by Wendy Roberts 28/07/2010 – all rights reserved.