I Can’t Be All The Things You Want Me To Be









I can’t be all the things you want me to be.


I can’t be small, tall, or ultra-pretty.


I can’t be slim and fashion wise.


I can’t be the one who is always the right size.





Are my hips too wide; does my bum look big in this?


Do you like to peck or do you like to French kiss?


Do you like my nose? Do my lips look too big?


Do you like my natural hair or should I wear a wig?




Natural nails; eyelashes, botox or fillers?


What floats your boat a plain Jane or a man killer?


Should I be romantic or emotionally cold?


Do you like your women young or do you like them old?




Intelligent or dizzy; a real deepness inside!


Cold or warm hearted? Truth teller or liar?


Tell me my Prince what works for you as I don’t know


myself cause I’m busy pleasing you!




What do you want a freak in the bed,


but a church girl in the daytime; is that what you said?




I can be all the things you want me to be like romantic; funny;


serious, or ready for a family.



But tell me my Prince what do you want as it’s seriously exhausting


trying to work you out!!!




So In the meantime I will do me, because strong, confident &


independent represents my inner beauty!


Not hanging on your words and being who you want


me to be, but being proud of who I am and



proud of who I will be!





I recognise I can’t be all things to everybody so you do you & I will do me!





Written by Wendy Roberts 11/05/2017 © by Wendy Roberts – all rights reserved.