Life is as Fragile as A Sheet Of Glass

Life is as fragile as a sheet of glass,
Life is so fragile like skating on thin ice.
Life is so fragile like a branch that brakes,
A moment of devastation is all that it takes.



Who decides who lives and who dies?
Stabbed, shot, drowning or a child’s hungry cries.

Who decides who lives or dies?
Depression, suicide, addiction
Tear stained glass eyes.



Who decides who lives or dies?
Fire, flooding, an earthquake
A terrorist alert.
A plane crash, a car crash
Injured, loss of limbs, dead, or hurt!



Caught up in a war, a refugee, immigrant, displaced!
Gun fire, an explosion, women randomly raped.
Trauma! People dead, others running for cover!
Looting, and shooting chaos ensues.


Rising up against the government, power, institutions, oppression, confinement!



A pawn in this toxic life a victim of fate.
A player in this game of Russian Roulette!
Who is in charge of whose fate is up next!
Religion, poverty, sexuality, age gender or race!


Fat, thin, small, tall, an ever changing face! Inhaling the pollution of this human race!



Tomorrow is not promised death comes to us all,
A disease called cancer that’s slowly killing us all!
We all know a friend, relative, or colleague
who has been affected by this disease,
It doesn’t discriminate & it doesn’t hear your pleas!



Now imagine you enter a GP or consultants room. You are awaiting your results!


Your heart is beating like crazy, your mind filled with negative thoughts.



The consultants answer is 50/50, of either good news or bad!
A victim of fate now there is no turning back!



Who decides who lives and who dies?
Who leaves their appointment relieved, and who screams and cries!



Who presides over the minutes and seconds of your life, who decides if you experience misery or strife?



Roll the dice; turn the lights on; welcome to the unpredictable nature of life.



We all have an end date but when will that be! Tomorrow could be the end for either you or me! So the moral of this story is to go live your life. Because life is as fragile as a sheet of glass.



Written by Wendy Roberts 02-10-2017 – all rights reserved