Misunderstood, why?


I thought you knew me?


For you I would die!


But you turned on me!


Dispensable I now see!


You were never really there for me!



You take kindness for fool!


My generosity a freeness..


Spending time with me the relationship faker!


The illusion of a manipulating taker!



I opened my heart and was vulnerable you see!


I thought you would always be there for me?




You saw my heart on my sleeve and set out to deceive!




I see you!


Relationship faker!


The consistent taker!



You set out to psychologically destroy me!



With a character assassination & your negativity!



Chipping away at my character in an attempt to make you feel stronger!



My heart feels heavy,


Full of questions, and whys?


Laughter is turned into audible sighs!



I am one of the most genuine, honest, down to earth people you will



ever meet!



My loyalty seems to have no currency on these toxic streets!



I’m done!


With the relationship faker, the selfish greed of the constant takers!


The heart & mind shakers!



It hurts… but it’s a lesson learnt!


No more will I expose myself!



I would rather walk alone,


Than have wolves surrounding me..


Trying to drain all the goodness in me!



Parasite, I cast you out!


No longer will I waste energy on doubt after doubt!



You don’t deserve to be a friend of mine,


As I am truly blessed & highly favoured by the most high!



No more disappointment & no more tears!


No more hours, days, months or years!



Just gone!



I no longer give you my power!



No longer misunderstood!



Written by © Wendy Roberts 15-09-2019 -all rights reserved!