POEM: Poor Sprout – Part 2

Poor sprout was scrapped off the plate,

Much to sprouts delight!

The thought of being eaten,

Gave sprout an awful fright!


Sprout was on a journey as the New Year was about to begin!

Sprout felt rather podgy and desired to be thin!


Sprout faced his fears of being eaten;

which was his New Year’s resolution you see!

As sprout had been scrapped off into a carton,

and was chilling out next to turkey!


Sprout achieved his wish of being sproutly thin!

He leaped into the mixing bowl wearing a massive grin!

Sprout swished around the bowl, where he struck a sproutly pose!

He was soon joined by Miss bacon who was naked as it goes!


Poor Sprout & Miss bacon were blended into one!

Then a miracle occurred when sprout announced – the arrival of his son!!


To be continued….


Written by © Wendy Roberts 30-12-2017  all rights reserved