Pure Heart

Pure Heart:


Pure heart,
Emitting a beautiful light!
Existing in a world full of darkness,
Shining so bright!


Like a moth to a flame,
Illuminating people’s darkness & fears!
A pulsating current of energy,
Navigating through lies, deceit, & tears.


Pure heart,
In need of protection,
From such a toxic world.
Learning to ‘discern’,
Such a powerful word.


Attracting positive energy,
Sustenance for the soul!
Drawing people closer,
Who share the same goals!


Pure heart,
An energy that’s healing!
An energy protective & true.
An energy that genuinely cares about you!


Pure heart,
Keep beating and shining bright!
Positive vibrations, penetrating people’s lives!


It’s time to allow positive energy to flow through all 4 chambers of your heart!
Remember its never too late to make a fresh start!


Sending you Peace, Love & Light ❤️


Written by Wendy Roberts 15-03-2020 All Rights Reserved