To mum I had a dream: (Loss of Mum)







I had a dream you were holding me,

I had a dream that you were near.

Sometimes I hear your whisper,

Sometimes I feel your tear.


My head is confused, my heart just aches,

I miss you more each day.

The love we shared was snapped away,

But your memories here to stay.


I miss you mum, does anyone care,

They tell me time heals all.

So why is this pain and emptiness,

Like banging my head on a wall.


I hope your safe wherever you are,

Let your love shine down on me,

Because I love you more than words could say,

and it’s the way it will always be.


I can’t envisage you as passed away,

Your my life.. without you I wouldn’t exist.

So keeping your memory alive for me,

Has a very romanticised twist.


You’re not about to do the things,

That all good mothers do.

Like kiss me goodnight, and hold me tight,

or help me get over the flu.


My wedding day won’t be the same,

Without you by my side.

With your new pink hat and glowing smile,

You would fill my heart with pride.


I look for comfort with different men,

Trying to recapture our love.

But nothing can take away the emptiness,

of knowing your up above.


There are many blank spaces in my life,

Without you here to guide.



I can’t wait for the day when we reunite,

and you’re standing by my side.


Forgotten you’re not, I love you too much,

and I will never let that go.

Dad’s got remarried, the family’s moved on,

but it’s you I will always know.


I love you mum, I feel your warmth,

I almost see your smile.

Sometimes I sit and wait for you,

as if in a state of denial.


I will end my thoughts but not with goodbye,

because you occupy my mind.

So meet me at the end of the rainbow, with love to fix my broken heart,

and it will be happiness that you find.


To mum with love and kisses always! Love, Wendy


Written by Wendy Roberts 26/10/1999 – all rights reserved.