You are Unique and Exceptionally Fine







Flawless skin,

Don’t be fat, must be thin!

What is this society that we are living in?


Judged on your appearance, and your material worth,

But who sets the rules on this God forsaken earth?


There are no winners in this game of life,

Some have it all, others have misery and strife.


Those who have…. Those who don’t,

Those who can… Those who won’t.


Postcode wars… the North, South divide,

Is this important? You decide!


The seconds and hours of your life just ticks away,

So ask yourself what are you concerned with today?


Life is not a rehearsal, there is one shot for all,

So why spend it wishing, if only you could have more?


Those who live in poverty & in war torn countries, for example, just want a break,



But the West has no idea of their pain, suffering, and displacement for pity’s sake.



Just give with your heart and stop with your hate!

Nothing holds importance when you reach those ‘pearly gates’.


The trivia of life and its toxic air,

Causing so many people misery and deep despair!


Death, Murder, war, rape, paedophilia to name but a few,

The bullies at school would have got to you too!


So just take every day one step at a time, and don’t measure yourself against anyone,



As remember you ARE.. “Unique and Exceptionally Fine”!!


Written by Wendy Roberts 17-10-2014 © Wendy Roberts – all rights reserved.