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Flashed Flashed from Paris
You are just in all your splendor,you intoxicate us with your sensitivity and your elegance, life the of is blessed.
Antiqu'e Antiqu'e from London
Wendy is an amazing poet and amazing creative Who writes from her heart and the depth of her soul, she is a force to be reckoned with. Watch this space!
Mokkie Mokkie from London
Lovely uplifting and positive words from a lovely uplifting and positive person. Keep up the good work, Wendy. Keep sparkling! Xx
P P from Ze Pool of Life
Wow ...Simply Stunning....Keep these poems coming Thick and fast...Elegant is all one can say...Well ...Insightful,Funky and a Top chick comes 2 mind...xXx..Peace Soul Sista...
Di Di from London
Poor sprout my fave it makes me smile xxx
Maj Matthews Maj Matthews from Oxford
Very touching words, of deep moments. Difficult emotions to read, the words came to life at 7mm. Gone but not forgotten, a parents pain.
Joann Mcpherson Joann Mcpherson from Croydon
Truly destined2beblessed. The power in your written word is clear to see. Keep on writing, a beautiful gift bestowed upon you. Looking forward to more x
Lisa Roberts Lisa Roberts from Merseyside
Your truly beautiful and amazing xx
Vybz Vybz from England UK
Great stuff, amazing ability to share emotions through words, bless up Wendy keep up the good works !!!
Delroy williams Delroy williams from Watford
Very inspirational, true words from the heart, keep up the good work. Looking forward hearing some more
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