A Silent Argument

A silent argument is an atmospheric change.

You haven’t fallen out with anyone but they are acting

kind of strange.

They have started blanking you and their eyes just don’t

look right.

You have that feeling you are being talked about when you

are out of their sight!

A silent argument detects a change in the energy.

You were previously feeling positive and now you are

feeling low.

You are wondering what have you done – should you stay or

should you go?

A silent argument makes you feel that you are to blame!

Evoking a million questions – driving you insane!

Should you say something – how will they react? Are they

going to continue talking behind your back?

The people you trusted; even thought of as your friend,

seems hell bent on giving you a negative end!

Well silent argument, this is what I say to you! You are

not tangible so what is the worst you can do!

I know the good, honest, and caring person I am inside.

So I will not fret & I will not cry!

You see I haven’t changed – the one who changed is you,

consumed by that toxic energy that’s surrounding you!

I continue to walk in love & light & send blessings

your way, so that once that toxic cloud lifts you can have a positive day!

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