Alcohol Consumed Her

The alcohol consumed herpoisoning her soul,Her beauty and innocenceher spirit it stole.

She pointed her fingeryet three pointed back,Spitting poison and envywith every attack.

Such beauty pollutedand twisted inside,Abusive, disinhibitedvulgar, and wide-eyed.

Like Jekyll and Hydeas the alcohol takes effect.Transforming into a monstereach bottle she necked.

Watching an illness taking controldragging her deeper into the black hole.No recognition of what went beforethe bottle hadn’t finishedbut she was wanting more.

Who are you? Your a stranger!and not a nice one at that!Just another alcoholicflat on your back.

No longer significantjust a mist in my eye,No more tears, and no more why’s.

My heart was heavyas I felt under attack,But I am taking controland there’s no looking back.

You missed out on all the things you could be,and I missed out on having a sister there for me.

I have done my grievingso now I will let go,gone but not deceased on “alcoholics row”!!

Written by Wendy Roberts 30/8/2010

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