At One With Nature

At One With Nature

Nature is oxygen,

Here I can breathe.

It’s energy carried on the gentle breeze!

Vast open spaces,

Provides a freedom for the soul.

To be at one with nature,

A spiritual goal!

Nature is beautiful,

It’s powerful, It’s strong!

If you listen carefully, you can hear nature’s song.

Birds chirping!

Listen to the wind and the breeze.

The warmth of the sun,

and the rustling trees.

It’s visually stimulating,

It’s many colours so bright!

Natures amazing canvas,

With its shades of darkness and light.

Inhale, exhale!

Let nature, fill you!

A feeling of peace… relaxation,

Filling every essence of you.

Nature provides escapism,

A place where you can ‘just be’.

A place to recharge your physical & emotional energy!

So enjoy nature’s big squishy invisible hug!

As nature is all around you,

A pulsating abundance of love!

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