Imagine Your Worries

I want you to imagine your worries,

Now picture a train,

Put your worries on the carriage,

And give them a wave!

Watch the train leave the station,

With your worries inside,

Taking away all of your pain,

And the tears that you cried!

You see, … emptying your worries,

Out of you head,

Helps emotional healing,

The therapist said!

Better out than in!

Release the pain,

Because holding onto emotions,

Can drive you insane!

You deserve to feel peace,

You deserve to be free!

You deserve happiness,

And to be who you want to be!

Don’t let feelings of pain,

Shackle you in chains!

Wave goodbye to the hurt and the pain!

Release your hurt,

And take a deep breath in!

Sit with your emotions,

And allow the peace to flow in!

This is your time to focus on you,

It’s your time to focus on all the things you can do!

Just take small steps, and be kind to yourself!

Because without your health there is nothing left!

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