Being misunderstood drives me insane!


Twisted perceptions, an emotional game!


Your questioning me, but I’m questioning you!


Because whose truth holds the power, well I will give you a clue!




From social constructions you form your view, of what you believe about



me & you!




But why should I be measured against something that isn’t real?


Something that isn’t tangible; 


Something you can’t feel?




The mind is extremely powerful,


From which beliefs are derived!


Searching the brain with its many cognitions inside!




Who holds the truth; who holds the power?


Minute by minute; hour by hour!


Imagine a world with no realities, truths, or power!


Where your imagination could just spontaneously flower!




Imagine a world in which we didn’t compete with each other,


Where we helped, supported, & loved one another!


Imagine a world where we didn’t judge each other,


Where people no longer had to hide, or do things undercover!




Imagine a world in which there was no war! 


A world where we didn’t measure each other based on politics, capitalism,


wealth, class, religion, and so much more!




A world of peace, positivity, happiness & joy,


No judgements about race, culture, or because you are a girl or a boy!


In a world where misunderstandings don’t exist, 


A world in which only love & positivity exists!!




One Love!!!


Sending you positivity, healing, & light!! 




Written by © Wendy Roberts 03-02-2018 all rights reserved