How Do You Know It’s Your Happy Ever After

How do you know when to trust your heart?

Life comes with no instructions from the very start!

Navigating your way through the complexities of life,

Moments filled with happiness, misery & strife!

How do you know when, what you feel is real?

Because emotions are so fluid…,

Questioning, if it’s the real deal!

How do you know that your feelings and the thoughts

racing through your head, are not just connected

superficially to the lyrics that they said!

How do you know when you have a deeper connection,

and your souls are entwined as one?

When your heart beats in harmony

and your loneliness is gone?

How do you know when to give all of yourself,

and to become vulnerable?

You will know in the moment when your

heart skips a beat, and your two rhythms becomes one!

You will know when their presence inflates your lungs,

and they make you feel full of life!

You will know when the darkness is full of light,

taking away your misery & strife!

You will know when you feel connected –

mind, body & soul!

The hidden whispers of their mind,

Shared visions & goals!

You will know when you feel a sense of comfort,

and belonging by their side!

You will know when everything they do

fills your heart with pride!

The loneliness will be filled with love and warmth!

Sadness filled with laughter!

Inspiring each other to fulfil your dreams and

living happily ever after!

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