Time does not stop!

It doesn’t stand still!

I’m so aware of this now that I am ill.

Time is moving,

Like the sands of time!

There is no pause button and there’s no rewind!

One thing you can be certain of, if there’s a beginning, there’s an end!

So don’t live with regrets,

Tomorrow’s not promised my friend!

As soon as you learn one of life’s lessons,

another comes along!

And life will repeat it’s many cycles,

If you keep getting them wrong!

The hands of time keep turning,

Whilst we are lost in our insular worlds!

For, God said, He is the ‘Alpha & the Omega, the beginning & the end’.

So much importance put on trivia, but if you knew your exact end,

Would you continue with trivia or create a completely different end?

As the clock keeps ticking,

And the sands of time continue to fall!

Ask yourself the most important question of all…

Are you living your life as you imagined it would be?

Or, are you oppressed and restricted,

and not feeling free!?

Remember, life isn’t promised

So live everyday like it’s your last!

Firmly living in the moment, and not in the past!

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