Your body is a temple,

Powered by the chambers of the heart.

Blood rushing through your veins & organs,

A biological art!

The brain housing your power!

Joining body & mind,

A cognitive puzzle

Of thoughts & feelings you will find!

Your body is a temple,

Be careful what you eat!

Take care of romantic liaisons,

& the freaks between the sheets!

The mind body dualism,

Inner & outer worlds collide,

Social constructions,

A tabular rasa, upon which we are all Inscribed!

Your body is a temple,

Listen to your breath.

Feel your pulsing heartbeat,

Which, beats between life & death.

Be aware of your fingers,

Be aware of your toes.

Connected to your body

In which your spirit is housed.

Your body is a temple,

It’s every essence is you!

If your lungs didn’t inflate,

Ask yourself -What would you do?

Now focus on your breathing,

Take some shallow breaths in.

Now exhale, whilst silently listening,

To the environment that you are in.

Your body is a temple,

Existing in this place,

Somewhere between reality, truth, & fiction,

Questioning the expression on your face?

The mind is a vast depth of cognitive space,

Processing our thoughts & feelings,

Love, happiness, sadness, & pain!

Your body is a temple,

So make sure the foundations are strong.

And that the stones used to build your walls are protective life-long!

Your body is a temple,

Protecting everything within.

If this is survival of the fittest

The only option is to WIN

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