Victim or Perpetrator: A Knife Cuts Deep!



Then the chase!

The adrenaline pumping!

You can’t lose face!

The knife strikes flesh,

It penetrates deep inside.

Anger, mouth frothing!



The kill……!

Like a pack of animals,

Chasing its prey..

Feeling strong & powerful..

They can’t let you get away!

Fixed on the target..

A hunger to end life,

As they repeatedly plunge in that killer knife!

The pack works together delivering their blows,

Onlookers screaming bloodcurdling NO’s..

The victim’s body goes limp, they drop to the floor..

Then the pack sticks the knife in.. once more!

My boy..!!!!!

A woman is heard screaming as she breaks through the crowd.

Hands in the air … her pain so loud!!

Her child lye’s dying… bleeding out!

No.. not my boy.. she repeatedly shouts!

The pack of killers scatter..

They run for their lives..

With no real sense of what it means to end a life!!!

A living, breathing, human being…

A son, a brother, a grandson, an uncle, a cousin!

Just gone!


Was it for status..

Was it due to fear?

Is this the reason you murdered your peer?

You are now the hunted.. as justice must be done!

Fear, paranoia… your pack casts you out!

Flashbacks of the murder, there is no way out!

Murder appeals on social media and TV.

You see the impact on the victim’s friends & family.

It’s a matter of time now… the police are closing in…

You see your life was also over the minute you plunged that knife in!

15 years to life!

Locked up in a jail cell!

Your mother has also lost a son!

Time to reflect on what you have done!

Money does not give you freedom!

Status does not allow you to be free!

The gang you became involved in were never your family!

You were exploited,

You made poor choices in life.. and then the darkness flooded in!

No one could reach you in the place that you were in..

You felt invincible.. a powerful force..

The exploiters / gang members / elders smelt your vulnerability..

Then they dug in their claws!

Your life means absolutely nothing to them as you sit & rot in your jail cell!

You are now just a murderer existing in your own living hell!

Victim or Perpetrator?

A knife cuts deep!

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