Covid19 – A Tale of Unity & Love

And the world got quiet,
As we all closed our doors.
Self isolation, became the new norm!
Socially distancing,
Advised to stay 2 metres apart,
But what’s up with these simpletons
Who still head to the park?

Are people in denial,
Or is it a form of self-harm?
To ignore all the warnings.
And yet remain so calm!
People are dying,
Hospitals are on their knees!
People stockpiling,
Doctors and nurses making pleas!

Stay indoors, is a repeated message!
Stay safe and wash your hands!
Keep away from people and surfaces,
Or, wherever the virus could land!
An invisible virus taking over the world,
Of which there is no cure!
A real test – ‘survival of the fittest’,
How much can your lungs endure!

In this time of uncertainty,
as the death toll grows,
A ‘seed of hope’ is sewn!
People dropping off food and medication,
and calling those who are on their own!

We are all in this together!
So let’s all stay indoors!
Keep your loved ones safe,
Whilst we ride out this Covid storm!
Put up your rainbow pictures,
To symbolise an end to this viral flood!
As the UK comes together,
In a Tale of Unity & Love! ❤️

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