When Covid19 is Over!

When Covid19 is over it will be time to celebrate!
Restaurants, bars, & clubs reopen,
People partying until late!

Your first hug will feel amazing,
The smell of fragrance on a neck,
People shaking hands and smiling,
giving each other a cheeky peck!

The things we took for granted,
Will seem so much sweeter than before.
Such as going to the park for a picnic,
and seeing kids rolling around on the floor!

Returning to rush hour commuting,
Faces pressed up against the glass.
Queuing outside the supermarket,
Will be over! At long last!

Hospitals will return to normal,
NHS staff will take a well deserved rest!
As the UK recovers from the pandemic
And we acknowledge those who did their best!

People who have lost their loved ones,
Finally able to celebrate their lives.
Grandparents, brothers and sisters,
Mothers, fathers, husbands and wives!

You might reflect on why you survived,
Is it luck or is it fate?
A recognition that life is short,
And that we all have an ‘end date’.

You see, life will be much more precious than it ever was before!
So grab life with both your hands,
and do everything you adore!

Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like no one can hear!
Because you are a Covid19 survivor!
Who will live on for many more years!

The sky will seem so much brighter,
As the birds chirp away in the trees.
Life will smell so much sweeter,
As the world is no longer on its knees!

People will start to travel,
As the lockdown is lifted you see!
This is your second chance at life,
To be whoever you want to be!

When Covid19 is over! ❤️

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