A beautiful innocent unique soul,
Many years of trauma her life it stole!
Misunderstood.. searching to belong,
Tired of being brave.. tired of being strong!

Searching for love..
To feel free… and to ‘just be’..
 Living life on the edge..
Sometimes dangerously!

But like a caterpillar who evolved into a beautiful butterfly 🦋 
The what if’s .. began to replace the why’s..

You stretched out your wings..
& you were ready to fly!
 Excited about starting college,
& dating a new guy!

You had strength & determination..
A lovely big heart!
Those who got to know you..  
Knew that right from the start!

You spoke of your love for your family…
& love for your friends..
You will live on in their memories & live on in their hearts.

You were happy to have legally changed your gender & name!
Blossoming into a fierce & beautiful female..
A female called Jade!

Now at peace & in no more pain!Jade….
We will remember your name! 

Written by © Wendy Roberts 19-09-2023. 

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