Annie Yellowe Palma …Unique!
The fight for justice she would passionately seek!

For the ‘Black Children of Ulster’! 
Annie didn’t have an easy start!
Her truth is well documented in her book, “For the Love of a Mother”, which strikes right at the heart!

She coined the term Raceophillia!
Appearing on radio & TV,
She wrote books & designed T-shirts, with her creative energy!

Annie, a fearless campaigner for justice!
Beautiful; intelligent; fierce, funny, warm, caring!
A true inspiration & a loyal friend!

Annie loved children & young people & wanted the very best for their lives! 
Evidenced through her tireless work in Local Authorities,
Quality Assuring children & young peoples files! 

Yet one of the most exciting times for Annie, where I saw sheer love & joy in her eyes,
was when she found out she was being blessed with a perfectly beautiful Grandchild!! 

She was so proud of Paris… her daughter & best friend.. the most powerful love, right until the end! 

She had so many amazing layers, and was loved by her family & friends!!
That distinctive Irish accent!
Her style was always on trend!

The life & soul of the party!!
With a radiant smile!
She loved to travel, and embrace her adventurous side! 

Annie… so brave!
A true inspiration in life!
You have been awarded with some very special Angel Wings, emitting a beautiful white light!

You are at peace now, & in no more pain!
Your legacy lives on Annie Yellowe Palma… a powerful name! 

Written by © Wendy Roberts 18-12-2022.

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