I AM Destined 2 Be Blessed

You knew my destiny before I breathed!

You knew my heart before it beat!

You knew the morals & values I would possess in this world.

For I Am Blessed! ?

You taught me that light shines brighter in darkness, 

So I continue to shine! ?

You taught me that not everyone has your back, or will give you their time!

You taught me forgiveness for the wrong that is done to me!

You gifted me to be an empath, and to feel the pulse of society!

I feel the spiritual vibrations!

The excitement; the judgement, the pain! 

I feel the love; the hate, the competitiveness, or simply what can they gain.

The human exchange is powerful, and yet it is so poorly understood!

Imagine if you could use your time to do amazing acts of good! ?

To help, to empower; to embrace & elevate!

To spread love & positivity & to stamp-out the hate! ?

Tomorrow is not promised…

So why wait?

You knew me before I existed,

To these words I can attest!

As your heavenly lips uttered to me,


You are ‘Destined 2 be Blessed’! ❤️

Written by © Wendy Roberts 30-09-2022. All rights reserved.

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