It Seems Like the World is Crying

It seems like the world is crying!



People dying!


Extinction Rebellion warned us to take care of the world!

Ignorant people thought their message was absurd!

Yet, out of control fires are raging across the world!

The levels of pollution make it difficult to breathe,

Rising levels of infections..

Our loved ones we grieve!

Cancer rates are out of control!

Affecting 1 in 2 … Indiscriminately!

So many lives it’s stole!

In the background knife crime is killing our youths,

County lines, gangs, exploitation destroying families… so cruel!

Locked up in prisons!

Wide-eyed and scared!

The realisation you are dropped from the herd!

The pack; the gang! …. Fam! Blood!

Now alone! Your freedom they stole!

It seems like the world is crying..

So much sickness, crime, & pain!

But let’s not forget the financial drain!

People are struggling to eat and pay bills,

and crime is rising like a tsunami wave…

Emergency services have no capacity to come to our aid!

God help us if there is a 3rd Covid wave!

These pressures have hiked up the rates of mental health! Self-harm; suicide, or just not feeling yourself!

Alcohol and drugs taking a hold, and don’t forget the domestic violence that’s taking its toll!

The number of children in care is at an all time high!!

So what’s the solution I hear you sigh???

Each one of us has the power to help heal this world! Spreading love & positivity around the world!

Stop with the hate!?

Stop racism!

Stop greed!

Be at one with nature and plant a tree! ?

No matter how small your contribution is in life, you could be putting an end to someone’s misery and strife!

Just see each other’s hearts! ?

Then plant a seed! … a seed of Unity!

As togetherness breeds positivity!! ?

Now put down your weapons and embrace peace!

…. Instead of hate & toxicity, enable LOVE to be released!! ❤️

I am sending you Love, Healing & Light!

Now let your beautiful soul shine bright! ?

Written by © Wendy Roberts 20-08-2022. All rights reserved.

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