If I should die

If I should die,

Don’t cry!

Don’t spend hours, months, years…

Asking why! ?

Just know that I am at peace,

As heaven and nature sings!

For I have been blessed,

With some beautiful angel wings! ?

If I should die,

Don’t cry!
Instead celebrate my life in style! ?

Crack open the champagne, ?

Have a cocktail or 2!

Whine up you waist,

Enjoy something tasty too!!

If I should die,

Don’t cry!

As I will watch over you,

Making sure that you are safe in all that you do! ?

Focus on the words…

Know that you are precious to me!

And even when you can no longer see me,

It’s the way it will always be!! ?

If I should die

Don’t cry! …

Imagine a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly ?

Sending you Love, Healing & Light ❤️

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