I Believe in You

I believe in you and all the things you can do!


Imagine you can be who you want to be,

Unshackle your chains & break free!

Break free of your hurt & pain! 

Stand out and recognise we are not all the same!

Discover your truth!

You are exceptional & unique!

You can distance yourself from the violence on the streets!

You were born with a power,

Which might feel trapped deep inside!

Wake up! 


Open your eyes wide!

People around you are dying!

You are trapped in a lie.

Deceived by a master-manipulator.

Ask yourself why?

A need to be-long.

Perhaps you didn’t feel love?

But can you really trust your bruv?

Ask yourself what is in it for them?

You stick the knife in, and end up in a cell!

A murder!

A criminal!

Is this love?


Does being part of a firm make you feel strong?

What are you saying ‘fam’..

Your life won’t last long!

Wake up my youth!

Wake up ‘blood’!

They don’t care about you!

They don’t have your back!

Can’t you see your life is under attack!

You are being exploited,

You have been deceived too!

It’s not too late to prioritise you!

The abuse of power makes you feel trapped in your life!

Kill or be killed,

A blood stained knife!

That life is erasing the real essence of you!

Constant threats hanging over you!

A world of trauma!

It’s time to silence the noise!


Give yourself permission to live!

Permission to survive!

Permission to wake up!

Permission to feel alive!

Step away… 

Start over!

You deserve to be free!

You deserve to be who you want to be!

It’s time for you to feel safe!

You will not be alone!

So many people are waiting to help you, just pick up the phone!

Be a survivor!

Escape that life!

Don’t be another victim – stabbed by a knife!

I believe in you!

This poem has a code-

You ARE:

(A) Awakening

(R) Reflecting

(E) Empowered

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