You & Me – The Way it Was Designed to Be



You & Me – The Way it Was Designed to Be




I feel alive!


Your warm skin,


That infectious grin.


You turn me on,


Longing for you, when you are gone!



You make me laugh,


I feel warm inside.


The angels took control,


& made our worlds collide!



A feeling of happiness,


A feeling of joy.


I love your eyes,


Your lips,


Oh, boy!!



You smell good!


You are easy on the eyes.


We talk for hours,


You’re like no other guy!



There is a feeling of coming home,


When I am wrapped up in your arms.


You are a true gentleman,


And full of charm!



This connection feels strong!


This connection feels true!


You was meant for me,


And I was meant for you!



I am excited to get to know you,


I don’t want to let you go!


So I embrace each and every feeling,


As they continue to grow!



This is you & me …



The way it was designed to be!



Written by © Wendy Roberts 04-01-2020 All Rights Reserved.