I will Tell You What I See

People wearing masks,
Anxiety in their eyes.
People with questions,
Asking countless why’s?

Remember when life felt normal?
Just taking one day at a time.
Then along came Corona,
Changing your lives and mine! 

Is this God’s way of cleansing the earth of all its terrible sins?
There are winners and losers in this game of life, 
but who truly wins?

This change has brought families together.
Communities unite!
There are those who are defiantly protesting,
and urging others to join their fight!

Did it escape from a lab in China,
Who truly knows?
But what we know for certain,
Is each day the infection grows!

The death toll is rising for a second time!
As Boris engages in Government talks, 
and the researchers sigh!

Should we take an antibody or Corona test?
Apparently theres a vaccine in site.
With no guaranteed cure… 
Just the words… ‘it might’!

I will tell you what I see!
People are out jogging.
Couples holding hands,
Grandchildren visiting their grandads, and their nan’s.

I see children riding their bikes, with their helmets on too!
Cautious parents riding ahead, 
Guiding them through!

I see time standing still,
Clear roads, and empty venues,
People losing their jobs, unless you are lucky enough to be furloughed!

As Winter takes hold,
Birds fly South, and squirrels stockpile.
Innocently trying to survive,
In a world that has gone wild!

The autumnal colours of the trees taking hold,
As leaves turn from vibrant green, to a beautiful colour gold.
Leaves like confetti as they sashay to the floor, as we venture into the Winter
months, once more!

So stay safe this Winter.
We each need to take greater care!
As, unfortunately this Corona virus is still out there!

Christmas might be a little less fabulous this year,
But please try to remember, that at least you are still here!
Spare a thought for those who have lost loved ones… so dear.
As we edge a little closer to a brand new year!

Take time…
Sit back and reflect on what really matters to you!
If you only had 28 days left, 
then what would you do?

Think of those around you, and open up your hearts!
As I tell you what I see my friend.
It is simply your ‘fresh start’!!

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