What is Reality?

What is reality,
Does truth really exist?
Imagine for a second this multidimensional twist!

So are you here in this moment,
What makes your experiences real?
Are you existing in today, yesterday, or tomorrow,
Connect with how you feel!

How do you make sense of your dreams,
Are you really asleep or awake?
Which dimension are you existing in,
Is your reality, truth or fake?

Do social dichotomies really exist?
The concept of time strapped to your wrist!
Social constructions we enter from birth,
Differing norms, values, races, cultures and institutions, across the earth!

Who decides how much value we attribute to a life?
How much importance we afford experiences of happiness, sadness, misery
and strife!

Who decides who lives or dies?
Think about the power of love and hate!
Race, religion, and politics,
Are we all victims of fate?

Why are so many people materialistic?
A need to own things in this world!
To compete with their fellow humans,
Is this fuelled by greed or hurt?

Why are people selfish?
Its like they just don’t seem to care!
When the power of human kindness,
Costs nothing for you to share!

It’s important to challenge your mind,
As your thoughts might not be your own!
In this world of false realities,
Whose truth do you really know?

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