Mindful Nature

Take a moment and breathe,

Now look around you… and notice the trees.

Focus on how the leaves gently dance in the breeze…

and how the birds perch effortlessly, in the tallest of trees.

Now close your eyes, and inhale the air.

Breathe out…

Open your eyes… and become aware!

Now awaken your senses!

What do you smell?

Nature is all around you…

What do you hear?

Birds chirping in the trees…

The rustling of leaves..

Bark cracking under your feet.

What do you see?

Take a look around you…

Allow the rich colours of nature to seep in!

The individual colours of red’s, yellows, greens, browns… Stunning!

A work of art!

Notice the beauty of the birds; bumblebees, and butterflies…

Their colours so sharp!

Now take a deep breath in..

Hold it!

and now exhale…

Feel the healing power of nature,

Flowing through your veins!


and allow the peace to flow in.

As Natures beauty surrounds you,

in the space you are in!

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